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XT25WIDE-RC50-A291SB Clincher/Tubuless Wheelset

XTONE Carbon Road Bike Wheels Novatec Rim Brake Wheelset 700C
Novatec A291SB F482SB road rim-brake hubs
Shim 9s/10s or XDR 12s
Pillar 1423 spokes, aero and strong
Compatible for 700*25C-60C tire (tubeless ready)
Customer Reviews
Novatec A291SB/F482SB Rim Brake Road Wheels - Good Quality Carbon Wheelset For Training
Stable performance: professional manufacturing, stable performance, high reliability.
Hubs: novatec bicycle drum A291SB-SL/F482SB-SL highway bicycle DIY 20/24 hours black/red/white 10/11 speed and lightweight Taiwan manufacturing
1: The brake system is V brake. Use aluminum alloy material. The category of our products is bearing hub. The original product comes from TW (origin). The position is front+behind.
2: The axis of our products is QR.
Hubs: The hub is made of high -strength aluminum alloy. It is not easy to break and can be used for a long time.
Exquisite products: Bicycle wheels are made of high -quality aluminum alloy, durable, and long service life.
Portable and easy to use: This hub is easy to install and disassemble, which is convenient for you to use.
Size: Be sure to measure your bicycle wheel size before buying. If you are not sure of the size, please contact us, we are happy to help you solve the problem.
Compatible: Road, MTB, BMX, etc.
Front Hub:      Rear Hub:
-Wheels For: 700C Road Bikes

-Brake type: Rim brake

-Rims Material: Carbon Fiber T700/T800

-Rims Type: Clincher/Tubeless

-Rims Depth: 38/45/50/60/80mm

-Rims Width: 25mm

-Rim Weight(50mm):500g+/-20g

-Hubs: Novatec A291SB-SL/F482SB-SL (290g)

-Hubs Type: J-bend system

-E.C.O: F100,R135

-Cassette Body: Shimano 9s/10s or XDR 12s

-Spokes: Pillar 1423 ,Black

-Spoke Count: Front 20H, Rear 24H

-Wheelset Weight(50mm): 1460g ±5%

-Recommended Tire Width: 700x25(28) for 25mm wide, 700x28 for 28mm wide

-Warranty: 2 Years

XTONE provides two width option for our R36 rim-brake carbon wheels. That is, 28mm width carbon clincher rims, and 25mm width carbon rims clincher.

Both series rims are with high TG 3K grooved braking track, which provides more friction, shorten about 30% braking distance, faster heat elimination.

The 28mm width rim series (model XTRC28) is with 28mm outer (21mm inner) width.

For such wide road rims, the optimized aerodynamics tire size is 700*28C. If you plan to use 28C (or wider) tire, XTRC28 rim series is recommended.
The 25mm width rim series (model XTRC25) is with 25mm outer (18mm inner) width.
For such wide road rims, the optimized aerodynamics tire size is 700*25C. If you plan to use 25C tire, XTRC25 rim series is recommended.

Customized Color Painting/Logo
The customized color painting/logo is acceptable.
The painting cost of rims and frames mainly consist of two parts: water decal cost + color paint and coating cost. The water decal is used for letters (brand mark, logo or other words), and color paint is used on larger area position on the frame.
It's your bike, it's special to you and which is what we also care about! Welcome to contact us for pricing and more details about customized color painting.


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