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  • XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels
  • XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels
  • XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels
  • XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels
  • XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels

XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels

XTONE MTB Wheels XT-C450 ODM Carbon Mountain Bike Wheels For Sale
*XTONE own mould XT-C450 MTB Boost hubs

*Asymmetric carbon MTB rims for XC/TR/AM/EN

*Shimano 11-12s and Sram 11/12s XD freehub

*Pillar 1423 spokes, strong and stiff

*High quality carbon wheels, 2-year warranty
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XT-C450 MTB Boost Carbon Wheels - Cheap Price Mountain Bike Carbon Wheelset For Training/Commuting 

Considering the cost of DT Swiss hubs increases quickly, and lead time is getting longer and longer, XTONE has developed our own mould MTB boost hubs (called XT-C450). 

XT-C450 MTB boost hubs are designed with 6-pawl freehub system, good quality with cheap price.

In addition, XT-C450 hubs can be made with your customized logo (either etch logo or make stickers). So it will become your own brand hubs!

If you like cost-effective hubs,XT-C450 is very good option.

For XT-C450 MTB carbon wheels, XTONE provides wide range of carbon mtb rims (31/32/37mm width) for different terrain, including Cross Country, Trail, All Mountain, Enduro and Ebike.

Our mtb carbon rims are with asymmetric design which helps to build wheelset with more even spoke tension between drive side and non-drive side. MTB carbon wheelset built with asymmetric mtb rims are stiffer and stabler

6-bolt or Centerlock?

If you are thinking about a new carbon bike MTB wheels, you may have come across the question-- 6 bolt or centerlock? 

6 bolt or centerlock refer to the attachment between the rotor and hub. As long as the hub is attached to the rotor and centered correctly, both of disc brakes systems will grab your bike and slow you down.

XT-C450 MTB boost hubs are available on both 6 bolt and centerlock options. Below are differences between 6 bolt and centerlock disc brakes. 

Hub Syestem 6-Bolt Centerlock
Hub Weight 383.8g 364.7g

*Compatibility with most rotors.

*Classic and multiple hubs option.

*Easy to mount/dismount with a wrench.

*Easy to install or remove.

*Lightweight on hub(19g/pair).

*Rotor is perfectly centered. 


*Takes longer time to (un)install due to 6 bolts

*Manually centered your 6 bolts rotors

* Requires special tools for mounting and dismounting


Each system has its pros and cons, and each rider should be able to conclude which one is best for themself. The good news is that despite the differences, both the 6-bolt and centerlock can offer great stopping power. 6-bolt or centerlock--the decision is yours!


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