XTONE 25mm Wide Rim Brake Carbon Clincher Rims Symmetric 700C Road Rim Tubeless Ready
Carbon clincher rims (tubeless ready)
38/45/50/60/80mm depth optional
Custom decals/logo
Brake Surface:3k twill/12k twill
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XTRC25 ( Road Rim-brake 25mm width clincher) carbon rims are equipped with high TG resin brake surface (with small grooves on the surface). 
Such high TG 3K grooved brake surface is able to bear higher temperature while braking, and the heat can be eliminated sooner, which makes our carbon rims more durable. 

- Small grooves provide more friction, less lever force is needed, and the braking distance can be shorten for about 30%.

- Small grooves make water clearance easier, improve the performance in wet condition.

- Reduce noise, avoid squeal during braking.   

Such upgraded brake surface greatly improves the service life of our rim-brake carbon rims. We offer 2 years' quality warranty for all our carbon bike rims.
(In fact, most riders have been used our carbon rims much longer than 2 years.)


Rims Type: Clincher
Size: 700C
Weave Finish: Matte/Glossy
Rim Material: Carbon Fiber T700-TG190
Used For: Road 

Rim Depth: 38/45/50/60/80mm
Rim Width: 25mm (U-shaped)
Rim Holes: 20/24H or Customize Holes (with 20 Processing Days)

Spoke Hole Dia.: 4.5mm (Contact us for internal nipple hole)
Valve Hole Dia.: 8/6.5mm
Max Spoke Tension: >300kg
Warranty: 2Years

XTONE Road Rim-Brake 25mm Wide Carbon Clincher Rims 700C Tubeless Ready

Model XTRC2538 XTRC2545 XTRC2550 XTRC2560 XTRC2580
Terrian(Recommended) Road Road Road Road Road
Material T700/T800 T700/T800 T700/T800 T700/T800 T700/T800
Weight(±15g) 460g 480g 500g 560g 660g
Depth 38mm 45mm 50mm 60mm 80mm
Sectional Drawing
Outer Width 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm 25mm
Inner Width 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm 18mm
ERD 569mm 555mm 545mm 525mm 485mm
Tire Type
Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher Tubeless or Clincher
Brake Type
Rim Brake Rim Brake Rim Brake Rim Brake Rim Brake
Max Spoke Tension 130kgf  130kgf  130kgf  130kgf  130kgf 
Tire Size(Recommended)
700*25C-45C 700*25C-45C 700*25C-45C 700*25C-45C 700*25C-45C

Effective Rim Diameter (ERD) is the maximum distance that spokes need to bridge going from one end of the rim to another. How do we calculate the ERD of our rims? The corresponding equation and a drawing is as shown:
ERD=OD-(rim depth)*2+(rim thickness)*2
For example:
ERD of PRV28-33C rim=633mm-33mm*2+3.5mm*2=574mm
Most people prefer ERD including the length of the nipple cap. However, customers may use different nipples and components for building. Please add the height of the nipple cap(2.5mm~3mm generally) for your spoke calculation. If the height of the nipple cap is 3mm, then ERD of your PRV28-33C rim is 574mm+3mm*2=580mm
A: Rim nipple bed thickness (=3.5mm)
B: Length of nipple cap (2.5mm~3mm generally)

Customized Color Painting/Logo
The customized color painting/logo is acceptable.
The painting cost of rims and frames mainly consist of two parts: water decal cost + color paint and coating cost. The water decal is used for letters (brand mark, logo or other words), and color paint is used on larger area position on the frame.
It's your bike, it's special to you and which is what we also care about! Welcome to contact us for pricing and more details about customized color painting.


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