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 Can I purchase rims without holes on the center channel?

While it is possible to order rims without access holes, we prefer standard drilled rims. Rims with an undrilled bead seat are heavier and much more difficult to assemble or replace spokes. In our experience, a standard taped tubeless rim is equally effective while making it much easier to service and and the system weight remains lightweight. That said, if you really prefer rims without access holes, please contact us and we can do that for you by special order.

Can I get a custom spoke count? Custom angled hole?

We are able to custom drill any spoke count, and some rims can have a custom spoke angle. Please contact us, and we can consult our engineers on availability.

What is the difference on UD, 3k, 12k weaves?

The weaves are entirely cosmetic and do not affect the performance or weight of the rim significantly.

How about your braking track on road rims? What temperature can it handle?

High TG Surfaces uses a special resin mixed with dry carbon fiber to create a unique carbon fiber layer. The resin is highly resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures of over 240 degrees Celsius. Repeated testing has shown that the braking surface is highly resilient to temperature changes and resists brake fade during extended braking.

Our latest upgraded Grooved Graphene Surface runs a new resin system and construction method, combined with the 3k rim track, withstands over 280°C, dissipates heat, and lowers rim temperatures faster in between braking efforts. Gain confidence-inspiring brake performance on the steepest descents and wettest conditions with our matching brake pads. Also, graphene added to the rim brake track allows for greater resistance to overheating with improved heat dissipation and reduced temperature accumulation during heavy braking. The grooved track helps evacuate trapped moisture between pad and rim in wet conditions and brings more resistance and force at the lever when conditions are dry.

 How do I choose the best rim for my style of riding?

Road rims: Please see our guides for choosing the right road rim depth.

 What is the difference between an asymmetrical and symmetrical rim?

Asymmetrical rims are designed and drilled to compensate for the offset design of most hubs. The asymmetry of the rim allows the spokes to equalize in tension between the drive and non-drive sides of the wheel. The result is in more even spoke lengths and a stronger wheel build which requires less truing than a traditional rim.

Symmetrical rims utilize standard drilling practices and do not compensate for the offset hub design. The result is a wheel build that may not be as strong as an asymmetrical build, but comes as a more cost effective option.

 What tire pressures should I run?

Carbon rims do not do well when the pressure is too low, or the pressure is too high. Unlike an alloy rim, which will dent, carbon rims will crack if the pressure is too high or if subject to a large hard impact when the pressure is too low.

While largely personal preference, there are pressure ranges that work well with each rim. The wider the rim or the larger the tyre, the lower the pressure required. The sweet spot for air pressure is not too low that you are frequently bottoming out the rim, and not too high that the tire is hard and uncontrollable. If you are riding more technical terrain than normal, it is a good idea to increase the air pressure a few psi to prevent bottoming out excessively.

Double checking air pressure before each ride is imperative to avoid excess rim strikes and poor performance. Ultimately, you have to consider your terrain, weight, riding style, tire choice, rim width, and use good judgement.

 How can I get the spoke length for external hole rim or internal hole rims?

For external nipple builds (standard), you can use the ERD listed on the rim pages on our website. *Standard nipple heads only. If you are using nipples with a raised head like DT Squorx or Sapim/DT double square or hex nipples then you need to add 2mm to the ERD. As with ANY wheel build, the most accurate way to get the ERD is to measure it on your specific rims because the ERD can vary.

For internal nipple builds, generally speaking you’d need to add 8mm to the ERD.

Please contact us if you want us to calculate the spoke length, here is what we’d need to know:
Internal hole rim or external hole rim
Hub manufacturer name and model
Hole counts
Front and rear axle width
Straight pull or J-bend
Spoke lacing preference (2-cross? 3-cross?)
Nipple preference (If you are using nipples with larger heads double square, Squorx or Hex etc. then we will need to know as longer spokes are required!).

 Can I send my hubs over for custom building?

Yes! Please email us before sending the hubs so we can create a purchase order and provide you with the appropriate instructions for shipping and payment.

 Can I get custom wheels?

Yes, we have a significant amount of customization on our wheel building tools on our site! Please contact us if there is something missing from our builder and we’ll see what we can do.

What tension should I build my light bicycle rims with?

Bring the spokes to an even tension, with a maximum tolerance 5% for all drive side and 5% all non-drive side. For our recommended spoke tensions, please see the chart below. During and after building, have the wheel stress relieved properly. If a spoke develops a sharp bend in it while building, please replace the spoke.


Spoke Tension Reference Chart:

We apply the following spoke tension range while building wheels.

Front wheel non-drive side Rear wheel drive side
Symmetric MTB/road disc wheelset 120-130kg/f 120-130kg/f
Asymmetric MTB/road disc wheelset 120-130kg/f 120-130kg/f
Road non-disc wheelset 100-110kg/f 125-135kg/f

*Make sure the max spoke tension is less than 135 kg/f on any spoke!

How should I lace  MTB rims?

We recommend lacing the wheels with the outside spokes rotating forward in order to brace the braking forces common on disc brake wheels. Some companies build the rear for driving forces, while other companies use the Shimano method which is braking force (disc rear) and driving force (drive side rear). We have been successful using the braking force method and recommend you use the same, although the Shimano method is acceptable as well.

How should I lace MTB rims?

We recommend lacing the wheels with the outside spokes rotating forward in order to brace the braking forces common on disc brake wheels. Some companies build the rear for driving forces, while other companies use the Shimano method which is braking force (disc rear) and driving force (drive side rear). We have been successful using the braking force method and recommend you use the same, although the Shimano method is acceptable as well.

Typically we build 29er wheels 2x and 650b wheels 3x with 28h and 32h builds. A 2x build results in a laterally stiff wheel that utilizes shorter and lighter spokes which is why we use it in 29” builds more commonly. 3x is more traditional and results in a torsionally stiff wheel. Either method work well.

Are nipple washers required for wheelbuilding?

nipple washers are not required.

Can spokes and nipples be purchased separately?

Sure! Please let us know which nipples you’re looking for. For spokes, we’d need to understand the length or wheel build specifics, and type of spoke you require so that we can ensure we have them in stock.

What is the weight difference between brass and alloy nipples?

The weight difference is about 50g for a 32h wheelset.
Brass: 1.09g/pcs
Alloy: 0.36g/pcs

How can I get the custom decal and how much does it cost?

For the custom decals, please email us a picture or describe what you would like. Generally speaking, it is USD65~$100 for graphic cost one color or two color graphic. It depends on decal size and color.

Our standard  decals are available at no charge.

Import and Customs fees are high for my country. Is there a way to avoid this?

When buying direct from China we found the best way was to use TPD delivery . This way there are no charges upon receiving the product. 

 What can I do if I receive a damaged parcel?

Check the product carefully before signing!

If you receive a product with damaged packaging, inspect the items carefully for damage. If there is no damage, sign for the product. If there is damage, report this on the delivery slip or, alternatively, refuse the shipment and it will return to XTONEBIKE. If a claim is made against the shipping company, they will provide a compensation number. Please inform XTONEBIKE of this number for delivery tracking. Arrangements for reshipment will be made within 10 business days upon receiving the returned package.

If the items are damaged but accepted and not reported, there is no recourse against the delivery company and you are responsible for purchasing any replacement product.

If the package is in good condition, but the product is significantly damaged during shipment, please keep the waybill, packaging, etc. and contact us within 7 days after the delivery.

The Postage For:

1.Return or replacement of non-commodity quality problems shall be borne by the buyer (calculated according to the actual freight).

2.If the mistake is made by XTONEBIKE ,XTONEBIKE will bear the returned cost $100 at most .The other associated cost will be adsorbed by customer.

Need help with some technical issues like tire mounting, or hub issues?

Check out our YouTube channel for informative videos.

Can I change or cancel my order?

Our “Purchase Alternation or Cancellation Policy” applies when you cancel all or part of a purchase after the payment is partially or fully made, but BEFORE the shipment of products. If you cancel a purchase once it has shipped, it will be treated as a “return” with all applicable fees. Please refer to our “Product Return Policy”.

What’s your warranty policy?

All products From the date of purchase, 3-year Warranty

 Rims: From the date of purchase, 5 Years Warranty. XTONEBIKE is pleased to offer the options to purchase a lifetime Premium warranty with minimum charge respectively. Know more about the warranty details.

How to check the correct orientation while building asymmetric wheel?

• Follow the spoke direction shown on arrow sticker.
The rims have angled nipple holes that alternate left/right/left. Please lace spokes in the correct direction to avoid spoke hole damage. The direction is shown on arrow sticker near the valve hole.

Having trouble of mounting the tires?

Part of the problem you may be having is because you are using regular tires that are intended for use with tubes. Our rims are designed for tubeless tires and, as a result, the tolerances are a little different. Normal tires don't have as nice of tolerances on the bead diameter so it is really hit and miss on how they will fit on a tubeless rim. Some might work, but generally they will fit too tight and you'll be fighting it. The best bet would be to use a tubeless compatible tire and you could still use a tube in those if you want.

We have had customers emails about this challenge as they like to use a traditional favourite tire and they complained how tight they are. We bought the same tire they were complaining about and mounted it (by hand without levers) on their exact rim that they returned and showed them a video of us installing it just fine. It takes some technique to install tubeless tires and even riders who have been installing tires for 20+ years could have a problem. They are used to installing tube compatible tires on non-tubeless rims which does not qualify as experience or even the technique used when installing tubeless tires. We actually sent a number of rims to Schwable to see if this was going to be a problem and each one of them came back rated as "Simple, By Hand" when it came to mounting the tire.

Tubeless carbon rims are made with tight tolerances, and unfortunately clincher tires are not. So if you are willing to change to tubeless tires and ride those if you find your current tires prove to be too much of a struggle, then that would be a safe bet.

We hope this helps!

 I don't receive any reply after leaving comments/messaging you/making an order online. What’s the problem?

Typically we will answer your inquiries or follow up on your new order via email in 24 hours (except the holidays). If you haven’t received any reply from us, it could be possible that you have mistyped your email address or you’ve given us more than one email address and we’ve sent to one of the less used or our emails go to spam or your email storage is full.

Please try
1. correcting the wrong address by getting in touch with us via webchat (click the messaging button at the bottom-right corner of our pages);
2. checking the inbox of other email addresses and confirming with us which one you’d prefer to receive our emails;
3. checking the spam folder and reset the filtering if necessary;
4. deleting some old messages until it is below the email quota.

If you fail to contact us via online communication tools, feel free to call us at: